Bournemouth Airport - Joe's Coffee House - Classic Chainlink sliding shutters

Entrance of the Bournemouth Airport terminal building under a bright blue sky

Go to almost any airport in the UK and you will find our shutters there. It's the same at Bournemouth Airport. In this case study we look at a set of FlexiGlide sliding shutters of the type Classic Chainlink.

Joes Coffee House at Bournemouth Airport is a large open plan coffee shop. As with most airports Bournemouth is open nearly 24 hours a day, but Joes Coffee House is not, and so they needed to be able to secure the property out of hours.

Considerations for FlexiGlide sliding shutters

There were a few considerations here. Firstly, rather than try and secure the complete open plan coffee shop (which would take a much bigger security shutter) Joes Coffee decided to only secure the counter area. This way the counter and till could be closed off, whilst keeping the cost down as much as possible.

Secondly, our sliding shutters can easily go around corners, which turned out to be ideal at the counter area. Also, they take up much less space at the top, which meant that more of the servery could remain open. So that's why a sliding shutter was preferred over a set of traditional roller shutters.

Finally, the Classic Chainlink was chosen because it requires less curtain material. This makes it relatively lightweight and economic. Also, because the coffee shop is inside the airport terminal building where there is almost always personnel around, high security was less of a concern and a more open shutter was the right choice.

Photos of the Classic chainlink sliding security shutter

The Flexiglide Classic Chainlink sliding shutters closes off the coffee shop's counter area when it's not in use. Below are some photos we took of the shutter just after installing it (tap the photos for a larger version).

sliding security shutter closing off a counter area Detail of the Classic Chainlink sliding shutter curtain Sliding shutter partially closed, going around a corner Sideview of a flexiglide sliding security shutter Sliding security shutter in front off coffee servery Joes Coffee House cafe with sliding shutter inside the Bournemouth Airport terminal building

Advantages of FlexiGlide sliding folding shutters

Compared to tradtional roller shutters, sliding shutters offer numerous advantages, especially in situations like here at Bournemouth Airport.

  • FlexiGlide sliding shutters can follow any curve, so they are perfect for rounded and curved openings;
  • Our sliding shutters are made from strong but lightweight aluminium, so they need much less support than traditional roller shutters;
  • FlexiGlide shutters hang down from a top-track that needs only a couple of inches space. Compared to traditional roller shutters, which typically need around a foot of space at the top, that's a minimum amount of headroom;
  • We supply sliding shutters in various designs, from fully closed off to completely transparent and everything in between. There's always a sliding shutter that will work well in your situation.
  • FlexiGlide sliding shutters work without the need for a bottom track. So there is nothing on the floor for people to trip over.

For more information also see our list of sliding shutter advantages.

People moving in front of a Joe's Coffee House shop in the terminal building of Gatwick Airport in London

More information

Each project is different, and if you're also considering sliding shutters for a project, we'd be happy to talk it through with you and give you a quote. We can meet you on site to see the actual opening you require shutters for, or work from design drawings. Get in touch to talk to an expert and find out how we can help you.

Photo credits

Joe's Coffee House courtesy of TRG Concessions, and Bournemouth Airport terminal building courtesy of Bournemouth Airport. FlexiGlide Classic Chainlink photos © HVP Security Shutters Ltd.

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