Folding shutters

Instead of rolling up vertically like traditional roller shutters do, FlexiGlide folding shutters fold away horizontally. They can stack to one side or, in case of a bi-parting shutter, to two sides.

A folding shutter with glass panels.

One of the main advantages of folding shutters is that they stack away to the side. Typically they fold into a custom-built box with a door. And because they need only a 44mm high top track the opening they secure stays completely clear. Most people don't even notice a folding shutter is there when it's open.

Folding shutter advantages

Folding shutters have several advantages over traditional roller shutters. For example:

  • Folding shutters can secure curved openings;
  • They work without a motor so no need for electrics;
  • They span unlimited widths;
  • Folding shutters are lightweight.

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Unique to FlexiGlide folding shutters

Compared to similar products, our FlexiGlide range of folding shutters is unique in several ways. The shutters get a lot of attention to detail during manufacturing and we use only high-quality parts.

The top-track is 20% heavier in construction than some comparable brands. It also has a smooth, rounded finish that's pleasant to look at. We use heavy-duty locking knobs and rollers, ensuring a longer life-span of the shutter. FlexiGlide folding shutters also have self-adjusting locking rods and stronger locking units.

Very compact storage

FlexiGlide folding shutters store very compactly. They need only 134mm of stacking depth per lineal metre of opening; less than any other system.

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Styles of folding shutters

We supply 6 styles or models of folding shutters. So there is a FlexiGlide for almost every situation.

  1. The Classic Chainlink is the most economical and light-weight of our folding shutter range. It's a versatile shutter that works well on low-security applications, such as restaurants, countertops and shops in secured shopping centres.
  2. The Barrier is a multi-purpose folding shutter. It comes in a variety of attractive patterns and offers better security than the Classic Chainlink.
  3. The Vision Guard is a tough, open style security shutter. It has the same elegant lines as the Classic Chainlink, but with an increased level of security.
  4. The Vision Air combines visibility and airflow with a high level of security. The shutter curtain has a pattern of small oblong or round holes that are impossible to reach through, but give the shutter a transparent look.
  5. The Vision Glass is a folding shutter with polycarbonate or glass planels in it's curtain. It's a shutter that combines excellent visibility with a very good level of security.
  6. The Protector is made from solid aluminium panels. It gives the highest level of security and privacy of the FlexiGlide range.

Folding shutter style table

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