Frequently Asked Questions

What is a FlexiGlide shutter?

FlexiGlide is a horizontally operated sliding folding security shutter system. It is a top-hung security shutter made from aluminium. FlexiGlide is one of the most versatile security shutter products available, because:

  • It can run in a straight line or follow a curve
  • A single shutter can span any width
  • It requires very little headroom
  • FlexiGlide sliding shutters leave the opening totally clear

What is the maximum length of a FlexiGlide shutter?

FlexiGlide sliding folding shutters can be any length; there is no maximum. To span openings wider than 10 metres we divide the shutter curtain into manageable sections to ensure they don't become too heavy to operate.

Do FlexiGlide sliding shutters have a maximum height?

Yes, the maximum height we can comfortably make a sliding folding shutter to is a little over 4 metres.

How do FlexiGlide shutters operate?

They operate manually. To close the shutter you pull the curtain from its folded up position towards the centre of the opening. This action causes the panels of the shutter to rotate and form a continuous barrier. Once closed, you secure the shutter into place with shoot-bolts integrated in the shutter's locking posts. More information on how sliding shutters work.

How much space do I need to allow for stacking?

As a rule of thumb, allow a minimum of 16% of the opening width for stacking the shutter. If you have more space available we recommend you allow 20% for ease of installation and maintenance. We can calculate the exact stacking dimension for you. Please contact us for more information.

How about the width of the stack?

FlexiGlide folding shutter panels are 178mm wide. However, you need to allow space for them to rotate and swing. If you plan to stack the shutter in a straight line, you need to allow a minimum clearance of 228mm for the stack. If the stacking area has a curve in it, allow 305mm as a minimum stacking width.

What is the weight of FlexiGlide shutters?

Weight depends on the shutter type, height and width. Our most lightweight sliding folding shutter (the Classic Chainlink) weighs 5.9 kg/m2, while the heaviest product weighs 12.2 kg/m2 (the Vision Glass using tempered glass infill panels). Also see the overview of sliding shutter models for weight indications. Exact shutter weight also depends on number and types of locking posts. We can calculate this for you. Please contact us for more information.

Can FlexiGlide sliding folding shutters open to two sides?

Yes they can. This is often desirable if you haven't got enough stacking space on one side. We can split the shutter in equal or unequal parts. The stacking space for each section of a bi-folding sliding shutter is proportional to that section's width.

Can FlexiGlide sliding folding shutters follow a curve?

Yes, they can. In fact, they are the only type of shutter that can follow virtually any curve. Standard curves are 45 or 90 degrees, but we can supply custom-made curves to almost any radius.

What are the maximum and minimum radius curves FlexiGlide shutters can follow?

We can supply custom-made curves with radii ranging from unlimited (straight line) to 1067mm (42 inches). In addition to this, we supply two types of standard curves; one of 90 degrees and another of 45 degrees, both of which have a radius of 365mm.

What kind of support do FlexiGlide shutters need?

FlexiGlide shutters are top-hung from an aluminium track. The track screws onto the ceiling structure and can either be recessed or left visible. The shutter support can be any material we can screw into. Typically it is a piece of 50mm x 150mm timber, but we can also fix to plywood of sufficient thickness, or concrete. Please note that the shutter support must be able to carry the weight of a fully stacked door at any point along its length. Read more about sliding folding shutter support.

Can I use a steel beam as the shutter support?

Yes, a steel beam can be used as the shutter support. Please note that we need to drill and tap the steel, which adds some time to the shutter installation.

Do FlexiGlide folding shutters have a bottom track?

No, they work without the need for a bottom track. FlexiGlide shutters lock with shoot-bolts into the ceiling and floor. We provide stainless steel capped floor sockets for the shutter to lock into. Our floor sockets have beveled sides and protrude only 2mm from the surface. So they leave the opening totally clear and cause no trip-hazard.

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