Protector Sliding Folding Shutter

Featuring full-height solid aluminum panels, the Protector sliding folding shutter offers unparalleled security and complete privacy.

General Description

The Protector sliding folding shutter stands at the forefront of the FlexiGlide range, delivering the utmost security and privacy. Constructed with solid aluminum panels, this shutter provides a robust barrier that effectively closes off any area when shut.

  • Solid aluminum panels for enhanced durability
  • Offers excellent security measures
  • Ensures maximum privacy for protected areas

Images of Protector Sliding Shutter

Solid curtain sliding shutter going round a kiosk Solid sliding security shutter with a curve detail of a white sliding shutter with solid panels small solid sliding shutter in anodised natural finish FlexiGlide Protector security shutter in closed position in a straight line installation. FlexiGlide Protector sliding folding security shutter FlexiGlide Protector folding shutter with custom made to incorporate vision panels FlexiGlide Protector with custom vision panels seen from the side Anodised aluminium sliding shutter closing off a doorway in a concrete brick wall White Protector sliding shutter from FlexiGlide across the entrance to a coffee room A white protector sliding security shutter at Warner Brothers movie studio

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Technical information

Product reference:

Protector Sliding Folding Security Shutter.


Horizontally operated top hung sliding folding shutter.


Diagram of a FlexiGlide Protector sliding folding shutter curtain

Constructed from 152mm wide by 1.83mm thick full height aluminium panels, framed by full height butt hinges at 178mm centres.


The overhead track is 33mm wide x 46mm high and takes 29mm diameter roller trolleys. The rollers bear on a 7mm thick aluminium surface within the track.

Track curves, where indicated, have a 254mm or 356mm radius.

A custom radius track is also available as an option.

Available finishes:

  • 10 micron clear anodizing
  • White acrylic paint
  • Light bronze acrylic paint
  • Medium bronze acrylic paint
  • Black acrylic paint

Optional painting to any RAL colour possible.


Push or pull, manual operation.

Locking Options:

The grill incorporates 62mm x 33mm aluminium rectangular locking posts that are placed at regular intervals along the length of the curtain.

Posts fitted with floor bolts include a spring capped floor socket.

Lead and trailing end posts are fitted with cylinder controlled lock stiles with self-adjusting cold rolled steel floor and top track bolts.

Intermediate locking posts are generally fitted for every 3048mm of curtain.

Bi-parting curtain assemblies are supplied with a hook-bolt deadlock activated by keyed or thumb-turn cylinders. The associated slam-post is fitted with a steel floor bolt and includes a full height channel to accept the hook-bolt deadlock.

Weight and Stacking:

12 kg/square metre.

Minimum stacking is 87.5mm/metre of opening plus 89mm per locking member.

Please note: the shutter support must be able to carry the weight of a fully stacked door at any point along its length.



Durable Construction

Constructed with solid aluminum panels, the Protector sliding folding shutter ensures exceptional durability, providing long-lasting protection against intruders and harsh weather conditions.

Enhanced Security

Offering the highest level of security in the FlexiGlide range, this shutter provides reliable protection for your property, assets, and occupants, deterring unauthorized access and potential threats.

Maximum Privacy

With its full-height solid aluminum panels, the Protector shutter ensures maximum privacy, creating a secure and secluded environment for more sensitive areas or activities within your premises.

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