Design Centre, Chelsea Wharf, London - Barrier sliding shutters

Entrance of the Design Centre, Chelsea Wharf, London

We installed one of our sliding shutters at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre. The venue is a hub for everything to do with design. It hosts a large shopping centre and offices, and acts as a central hub for anyone who works in design or is interested in it.

On the ground floor of the building is a central meeting point and café coffee shop. To secure the café out of hours the architect specified our Flexiglide Barrier style sliding curved shutter.

Securing the curved opening

With the benefit of stacking completely out of the way when the café is open, but securing the curved opening when closed, our Flexiglide shutter system was an obvious choice.

The shutter is situated at the café entrance and spans the whole opening from left to right and ceiling to floor.

Photos of the Barrier sliding security shutter

The Flexiglide Barrier sliding shutter closes off the café outside of opening hours. The photos below show the shutter when it's closed, as well as stacked to the side when open (tap the photos for a larger version).

Sliding security shutter in black with a patterns of open and closed squares Light falling through a Barrier security shutter creates an interesting pattern on the floor A sliding shutter opened and stacked to the side

No obstructions to the opening

Because FlexiGlide sliding shutters fold up and away horizontally, there’s nothing obstructing the opening when the shutter is not in use. At the ceiling there’s only a low top-track, a rail, that the shutter hangs from. And at the floor there are just a few spring-capped sockets (nearly flush with the floor) that the shutter locks into.

About the Design Centre

The Design Centre is located at Chelsea Harbour in London, a modern mixed development in Hammersmith and Fulham. It’s expanded over the years and contains a lot of interesting ideas. The building itself consists of a series of domes connected by winding stairs, and the glazed domes give it plenty of natural light.

The Dome Café

Located at the ground floor of the South Dome, the café is a place for coffee, breakfast, or lunch. It’s open on weekdays from 8AM to 5PM. Outside those times our sliding shutter closes off access to the café.

One of the reasons for choosing the barrier style sliding shutter was its design with an open and closed pattern. The Dome Café sits in a relaxed, airy space, and the security mirrors that. Light falling through the shutter curtain creates interesting patterns on the floor, and the open design allows air to flow through even when the shutter is closed.

Back of the Design Centre, Chelsea Wharf in London

More information about sliding shutters

Sliding shutters can be an excellent choice for securing all kinds of openings. They work well to secure large, open-plan kind of openings such as restaurants and cafés, and stores in shopping centres. But sliding shutters are also very suited to secure reception desks and window-displays (when installed behind glass).

If you are considering security shutters for a project, we'd welcome the oppountunity to talk it through with you and discuss if one of our FlexiGlide shutters would be a good match. We can meet you on site to see the actual opening you require shutters for, or work from design drawings.

Contact us to talk to an expert and find out how we can help you.

Photo credits

FlexiGlide Barrier photos © HVP Security Shutters Ltd. Design Centre, Chelsea Wharf building photo by Ian Capper.

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