Curved Reception Desk Sliding Security Shutter London

Gracefields was a newly constructed health centre in London. As part of the construction a large reception area got built, with curved desks which needed to be secured out of hours.

The use of our Vision Air sliding curved shutter made perfect sense for it.

Exterior of Gracefield Gardens Health Centre in London in early evening light
Gracefield Gardens Health Centre in London's Streatham is situated in a brand new building with lots of windows and pleasant lighting.

Sliding folding security shutters are an excellent choice for curved reception desks

Curved reception desks have an elegance to them that's not only very pleasing to the eye, but also very practical, especially in a health centre like here. The soft lines mean that there are no hard or sharp edges that anyone can hurt themselves on. Moreover, the curved design feels more welcoming to visitors than a reception desk with straight corners.

Curved reception desk and waiting room at the Gracefield Gardens NHS centre in London
Curved reception desks have an elegance to them that's not only very pleasing to the eye, but also very practical. It makes sense to use a security shutter that can follow these curves.

It's only logical then to follow this design aesthetic when installing a security shutter. Traditional roller shutters work well for straight and square openings, like most windows and doors. But they cannot be bent to follow a curve. FlexiGlide sliding security shutters however, are designed especially with curved openings in mind.

FlexiGlide security shutters hang from an extruded aluminium top-track (the track is only 46mm high and can even be countersunk if necessary), and slide horizontally instead of rolling vertically. The curtain follows the shape of the top-track, which can be curved in almost any shape.

Drawing of a FlexiGlide recessed top-track
This schematic drawing shows how the top-track of a FlexiGlide sliding shutter can be recessed. The shutter panels hang down from the track and can slide horizontally.

Photos of FlexiGlide Vision Air sliding security shutter at Gracefield Gardens

The photos below show our Vision Air model sliding shutter installed at the first floor reception desk at Gracefield Gardens. The panels in the Vision Air curtain have many small holes that reduce the shutter's total weight (without compromising its strength) and allow light and air to pass through the closed shutter curtain.

sliding shutter curving around a corner section of the Vision Air sliding shutter installed at Gracefield GArdens health center in London Detail of the top-track going into a storage box Sliding security shutter with small punched out holes which show the reception desk behind it shining through

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Slding shutter with elegant curves

The photos above show the shutter in its closed position. When opened it slides out of the way completely, leaving the opening totally free. The whole shutter folds away into a custom made box (typically set inside a hollow wall or partition), and the only things hinting at its existence are the top-track and the pound-coin-sized floor sockets.

Types of sliding shutters

Next to the Vision Air installed here in London, there are five other types of FlexiGlide sliding shutters. For an overview of the differences, visit our Sliding shutters product types page.

FlexiGlide Sliding shutter types
There are six types of FlexiGlide sliding shutters in total. They all have different characteristics and different levels of security. Click the image for more information.

Do you also need sliding shutters?

To secure a reception area when it's not in use, a sliding shutter is often an ideal choice. They can be made to any length and to fit almost any layout. So if you are working on a project that could use sliding, folding security shutters, we'd like to hear from you. A sliding shutter has all kinds of advantages, and we recommend you read our list of reasons can find a list of reasons to use a sliding shutter.

Not just for receptions

Sliding shutters can also be used to secure a variety of other openings, such as shopfronts, stores in shopping centres, restaurants, bars, showrooms and airports.

For more information or a free quotation, please contact us and talk to an expert.

Gracefield Gardens Health Center in London

Photo credits

Photos of sliding shutters © HVP Security Shutters Ltd. Photos of Gracefield Gardens Health Centre interior and exterior courtesy of Guy's and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust.

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