Sliding Shutters at Shackleton Melt, University of Birmingham

When the University of Birmingham refurbished Shackleton Melt restaurant, café, coffee shop and recreation centre, they needed to be able to close off the kitchen, as well as the product fridges and counter area, so the space could still be used out of hours.

The University needed to be able to give the students access to the lounge and recreation areas, whilst being able to secure the product areas.

Brick student buildings under a clear blue sky, seen from a green lawn
The exterior of one of the buildings at Shackleton, Birmingham University.

A combination of roller shutters and sliding shutters

For this project a combination of roller shutters and sliding shutters was needed. Both are security shutters, but the fundamental difference is that rolling shutters open and close vertically, while sliding shutters operate horizontally.

Roller shutters are generally used to secure rectangular openings such as windows and doors. Sliding shutters on the other hand tend to be used for openings where a roller shutter doesn't really make sense, such as very wide openings, or curved openings.

Vision Guard sliding curved shutter in white

Along with roller shutters we supplied and installed our FlexiGlide Vision Guard sliding, curved shutter in white. The shutter gives full access whilst the area is open, but secures the curved area when closed. Because FlexiGlide shutters hang from a top-track that can be bent to follow almost any curve, our Vision Guard was the perfect product.

Photos of FlexiGlide Vision Guard sliding security shutter at Shackleton Melt

The photos below show our Vision Guard model sliding shutter installed at Shackleton Melt in Birmingham.

Vision guard sliding shutter installation in progress Vision Guard sliding shutter from FlexiGlide hanging from its top-track Curved opening secured by a FlexiGlide Vision Guard sliding security shutter Sliding shutter closing off an area and locking against a wall

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A shutter design that gets out of the way

The whole area is open plan, and the beauty of FlexiGlide shutters is that they get out of the way completely when not in use. The illustration below shows part of the secret: the shutter's top track, which is only 46mm high. For a better understanding of how FlexiGlide shutters work, also have a look at the anatomy of a sliding shutter.

illustration of the FlexiGlide top-track
The FlexiGlide top track (that the shutter curtain hangs down from) is only 46mm high. It can be recessed, which makes it practically invisble when the shutter is opened.

When closed, the shutter locks securely into floor-sockets that protrude only 2mm and are about the size of a two-pound coin. And when opened, the whole shutter stacks away to the side, where it can be stored in a simple hollow partition, closed of by a hinged door. So in practise, you don't even notice a shutter is there when it's open.

Do you also need sliding shutters?

To secure a wide area when it's not in use, a sliding shutter is often an ideal choice. They can be made to any length and to fit almost any layout. So if you are working on a project that could use sliding, folding security shutters, we'd like to hear from you. A sliding shutter has all kinds of advantages, and we recommend you read our list of reasons can find a list of reasons to use a sliding shutter.

Not just for university restaurants

Sliding shutters can also be used to secure a variety of other openings, such as shopfronts, stores in shopping centres, reception desks, bars, showrooms and airports.

For more information or a free quotation, please contact us and talk to an expert.

Shackleton Hall, Birmingham University

Photo credits

Photos of Vision Guard sliding shutters © HVP Security Shutters Ltd. Photo of the exterior of Shackleton Melt, Birmingham University by Phil Champion.

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