Slim Chickens Sliding Shutters at Arndale Shopping Centre, Manchester and Cribbs Causeway, Bristol

A FlexiGlide sliding security shutter in front of the opening to a restaurant in a shopping centre

FlexiGlide sliding shutters are usually an ideal choice for securing the entrances to shops and restaurants in shopping centres. These openings are generally high and wide to give a beautiful sense of open space and be as inviting as possible to shoppers.

In modern shopping centres the entrances to shops are also often gently curved. This makes a for a very elegant opening into the shop, but also one that's difficult to secure with a traditional roller shutter.

FlexiGlide sliding shutters for Slim Chickens restaurants

As Slim Chickens expand its restaurants across the UK, they have opened in a couple of shopping centres that specify our FlexiGlide sliding shutters.

Reasons for FlexiGlide sliding shutters

A sliding shutter can be an excellent choice to secure a wide and high restaurant entrance for several reasons:

  • FlexiGlide shutters can span any width, so a wide opening is no problem
  • Our sliding shutters have a low top-track (under 2 inches high), so the entrance can keep its inviting look
  • FlexiGlide shutters lock into the floor using unobtrusive floor-sockets. Their beveled surfaces are raised only 2mm from the floor and provide no trip-hazard.
  • They are perfectly suited for curved entrances, because the shutters can follow almost any curve
  • FlexiGlide shutters are lightweight
  • Our shutters operate without electricity, so they are easy to install and maintain

Slim Chickens used the FlexiGlide Vision Guard sliding shutter in black at the Arndale Centre in Manchester, as well as at their Cribbs Causeway restaurant in Bristol.

We worked with two different fit out companies to get the shutters installed on time ready for opening. There was a strict deadline and only a minimal amount of time allowed for the fit outs. But we love a little challenge and achieved installation of the shutters with a couple of days to spare.

We enjoyed working on the project and are happy with the elegant result. The black Vision Guard shutters look very professional alongside the red and black branding of Slim Chickens.

Photos of the Vision Guard sliding security shutters installed at Slim Chickens

The pictures below give an impression of the shutters after they were just installed (tap the photos for a larger version).

A black, open type sliding security shutter at the entrance of a restaurant in a shopping centre Blue scissor lift in front of a black sliding shutter Installation of a sliding security shutter with working drawings in the foreground

Sliding shutters offer several advantages over roller shutter. They come in many designs, follow curves, are lightweight but strong, and leave the opening completely free when not in use. Also see this list of sliding shutter advantages.

About the shopping centres

There are hundreds of shopping centres in the UK, and we fit FlexiGlide sliding shutters in many of them. Manchester and Bristol being one example.

Manchester Arndale

The Arndale shopping centre in the city of Manchester
Manchester Arndale, the biggest inner-city shopping centre in England

Manchester Arndale is the biggest inner-city shopping centre in England. Located in the middle of Manchester and with a reputation for having everything imaginable within an indoor market, it's a logical choice for Slim Chickens to establish a restaurant.

Bristol Cribbs Causeway

palmtree indoors in Cribbs Causeway shopping centre in Bristol
Cribbs Causeway in Bristol, the largest shopping mall in the south west

Cribbs Causeway in Bristol is the largest shopping mall in the south west with over 150 shops and restaurants. It's located on the M4 and M5 interchange and easy to get to, so again a great location for Slim Chickens.

Are you also considering sliding shutters?

If you're considering sliding shutters, get in touch with an expert. Every project is unique, and we'd be happy to discuss more details with you. If you already have design drawings, we can work off those. Or it's possible to meet on site and walk through your project.

Photo credits

The Arndale Centre by Russel Harry Lee, Cribbs Causeway shopping centre by Ben Randles. FlexiGlide Vision Guard photos © HVP Security Shutters Ltd.

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