Sliding FlexiGlide Shutter at Ca’puccino, Canary Wharf in London

It was great working at Canary Wharf again. On this occasion we fitted our FlexiGlide Vision Glass sliding security shutter to the Ca’puccino Restaurant.

The Vision Glass shutter was perfect for the wide opening to the coffee-shop patisserie. The sliding shutter is over fourteen metres long and has a curve from one side to the other before making two turns into the stacking area. This way it's possible to secure the entire entrance to the cafe restaurant with a single sliding shutter.

Coffee pouring from a professional coffee-machine
Working out of hours on this job, we were grateful for coffee ...

Working outside core opening hours

Canary Wharf needed us to work out of hours to deliver and install the shutter into the Shopping Centre. This meant some tiring nights for our engineers (but thank goodness for coffee 😉). However, the restaurant now has a quality sliding shutter that is going to last for years.

Photos of FlexiGlide Vision Glass sliding security shutter at Ca’puccino, Canary Wharf London

Below is a set of photos just after our installation of the FlexiGlide Vision Glass sliding shutter at Ca’puccino restaurant.

frontview of a sliding shutter with polyvarbonate infill panels sideview of a closed sliding shutter - the polycarbonate panels are clearly visible sliding shutter going around a curve a 90-degree curve ina sliding shutter

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About Vision Glass sliding shutters

Ca’puccino, Canary Wharf opted for a FlexiGlide Vision Glass sliding security shutter. The Vision Glass combines excellent visibility with a very good level of security. It consists of heavy duty aluminium panels with strong polycarbonate glazing, and is available in virtually any finish.

All FlexiGlide shutters operate manually without the need for electrics. They also can be made to any length and take up very little headroom because of the low top-track they run in.

The top track can be shaped to follow almost any curve, which makes FlexiGlide shutters perfect for openings in curvy or wavy walls.

A wide choice of sliding shutter types

FlexiGlide offers all kinds of styles (types) of sliding shutters. From the very open 'Classic Chainlink' to the completely closed 'Protector', and everything in between. They all have their strengths and you'll find a comparison in this FlexiGlide Model Types table.

More information

For more information about sliding shutters, feel free to get in touch. We're always excited to hear about new projects and happy to think along with you. Benefit from our many years of experience with sliding shutters and contact us today to talk to an expert amd discuss your project.

Ca'puccino opening

If you happen to visit Ca'puccino at Canary Wharf for a coffee, see if you can spot our sliding shutter.

Post from Ca'puccino about their new restaurant opening at Canary Wharf

Photo credits

Photos of Vision Glass sliding shutters © HVP Security Shutters Ltd. Photo of coffee machine courtesy of Canary Wharf Ca’puccino.

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