Bristol Bus Station - FlexiGlide Protector Sliding Shutter

A National Express coach parked at Bristol Bus Station

Bristol Bus and Coach Station is an important public transport hub for the southwest. From here coaches travel throughout the UK, while local buses serve the city of Bristol.

The facilities are situated on Marlborough Street, near the Broadmead shopping area. There had been a bus-station there from the late fifties, but the site was redeveloped and the current bus station opened its doors in 2006.

As part of a recent revamp, we were contracted to install a FlexiGlide sliding, folding security shutter to the Coffee Room inside the station. Bristol Bus and Coach Station is opened 24/7, but the Coffee Rooms are not, and so they wanted to be able to close and secure their shop outside of working hours.

Photos Bristol Bus Station

Part of a FlexiGlide Visiosn Guard sliding shutter with an anodised natural finish. Work in progress of a visions guard sliding shutter with the top-track partly visible.
Bristol bus and coach station being rebuilt in 2006 (on the left) and its new entrance after the most recent revamp (right)

Sliding shutter installation Coffee Room Bristol Bus Station

Limited head space and a sloping floor were two of the things we needed to get over at Bristol Bus Station. Our Flexiglide sliding shutter in its solid Protector format was perfect for the job.

Stacking to one side completely out of the way during the day leaves the opening clear for customers. And only running on a top track made sure that maximum headroom stayed available.

Sliding Security Shutter Photos Bristol Bus Station

Protector sliding folding security shutter to the Coffee Rooms at Bristol bus station Front view of a white, solid curtain sliding, folding security shutter. Detail of the Protector sliding shutter installed at the Coffee Room

Our engineers had a great time fitting the sliding shutter. Throughout the installation the station was in operation and this ensured a steady stream of passersby looking on at what we were doing.

A light and inviting space

The revamp that's happened at Bristol coach station has resulted in a light and inviting space. The building is is all new and modern now, and inside provides a warm, dry space that you can wait for your bus in. There are loads of seats, regularly cleaned toilets and a coffee bar (with our sliding shutters, check it out when you're there) selling snacks and... coffee.

The light and bright interior of Bristol bus station

The bus station is busy and thriving, full of passengers and buses arriving and departing throughout the day. And being right in Bristol's city centre, with many shops nearby is of course very convenient.

View across the city of Bristol, seen from Marlborough Street
Looking out from one of the high flats around Bristol Bus Station at Marlborough Street.
Street view of the vehicle entrance to Bristol Bus & Coach Station

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Photo credits

Bristol Bus & Coach Station entrance and National Express coach by Laura W.. View from Marlborough Street, Bristol by Stephen Richards. Rebuilding Bristol Bus Station by Linda Bailey. Bristol Bus Station interior by Rob Brewer. FlexiGlide Protector sliding shutter photos © HVP Security Shutters Ltd.

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