Leeds Skelton Motorway Services - Vision Guard Sliding Shutters

Extra Motorway Services at the M1 motorway along Leeds

The Extra Motorway Service Area at Leeds Skelton Lake opened in the Spring of 2020. It's located at J45 of the M1 East of Leeds. We've installed several FlexiGlide Vision Guard sliding shutters to various areas in the food court building.

Innovative Design Features

The design of the services area is very modern and features exposed long span glulam timber beams with a living green roof to blend with the natural landscape. We felt that FlexiGlide sliding shutters were the perfect match to complement the site's innovative design.

Vision Guard sliding shutters restaurants and retails outlets

We installed Flexiglide Vision Guard sliding shutters to the restaurants and retail outlets. Working with multiple contractors we've fitted multiple sliding shutters at the site's central building.

Part of a FlexiGlide Visiosn Guard sliding shutter with an anodised natural finish. Work in progress of a visions guard sliding shutter with the top-track partly visible.

The photos above show the installation of two of the FlexiGlide sliding folding shutters we installed at Leeds Skelton Lake motorway services (tap the photos for a larger version).

See FlexiGlide sliding shutters in Leeds

We were a subcontractor to Morgan Sindall, who have called the new service station a very exciting project to work on.

Combining world-class design with a wide range of popular Food & Beverage, Ancillary Retail and Leisure ‘brands’, together with a business centre and community facilities, Leeds Skelton Lake Services will be an attractive place to take a break from a Motorway journey.

The services are now open to the public, so if you're travelling along the M1 and taking a break at Leeds, have a look at our sliding shutters there.

Trails of car-lights on a motorway

More information

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Photo credits

Motorway car-light trails by John Howard. Leeds Skelton Lake forecourt photo courtesy of Extra Services . FlexiGlide Vision Guard photos © HVP Security Shutters Ltd.

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