FlexiGlide Sliding shutters at Baldock Service Area - A1(M) J10 - Nr Stevenage

Cars parked in evening light at the Extra Motorway Service Area near Baldwick

Over the last few years there have been some major upgrades to the road network connected with the A1/M11 area. Over this time the services at Peterborough, Cambridge and Baldock have all been refurbished.

Sliding security shutters to retail stores

As part of these works we have installed our Flexiglide Vision Glass polycarbonate sliding security shutters to the retail stores at all three services.

Interior of the Baldock motorway services area with shops situated around a wide indoor oval seating area

Why traditional roller shutters were not the best option

Due to the size of the openings (around seven metres wide), combined with the limited headroom, traditional roller shutters weren’t the best option. So we had to look at an alternative.

FlexiGlide shutters can span any width and need very little headspace

Flexiglide sliding shutters need very little space at the top (only 42mm) and can span any width. So they were a perfect answer to both the limited headroom to the shops, as well as the wider openings.

FlexiGlide sliding shutter with polycarbonate inserts A FlexiGlide shutter opened and stacked to one side

Standardised design, manufacture and installation

All three services areas were the same, which made the design, manufacture and installation easy for our engineers. And as a bonus, with these being major motorway service areas, there was plenty of parking at each site (which can sometimes be a challenge, especially when we’re fitting sliding shutters in busy city centres like Birmingham and Edinburgh).

Security shutters for curved openings, wide openings, and openings with limited headroom

FlexiGlide sliding shutters are the best choice when you have to secure an opening that's:

  • Extra wide; our sliding shutters can span any width
  • Curved; we can make FlexiGlide shutters follow almost any curve
  • With very limited headroom; a FlexiGlide shutter needs only 42mm height for the top-track (which can even be recessed)

If you are working on a project with one of these characteristics and you require a security shutter for it, we can help. Contact us to talk through your project and discover how we can help you.

The Baldock Motorway services area seen from the air

Photo credits

All sliding shutters photos © HVP Security Shutters Ltd. Photo Baldock service station exterior by David Manning, interior photo courtesy of Extra Motorway Service Areas and aerial photo by Steve Cable.

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