Birmingham Sliding Folding Security Shutters

In Birmingham, the UK's second largest city, you can find various sliding folding security shutters from FlexiGlide.

Some of Birmingham's iconic buildings in the early evening.
Birmingham's architecture is a big mix of modern and classic. FlexiGlide sliding shutters come in various different styles, and we can help you choose the best one for your project.

Sliding shutters and roller shutters compared

Our sliding shutters fit in places where traditional roller shutters won't. This is because of their unique, top-hung design. FlexiGlide shutters open to the side instead of vertically, and because of that they need very little headroom.

Also, FlexiGlide sliding shutters can be installed across curved openings that often get used in open plan designs such as in shopping centres.

Sliding shutter in a straight line Sliding shutter covering a curved opening
FlexiGlide shutters can be installed in a straight line or to follow a curve Move over the image to see a sliding shutter in front of a curved opening.

Top-rated sliding folding shutters for Birmingham

Sliding folding shutters are often a good choice to secure larger openings such as at foodcourts and stores in shopping centres, airports, train stations and motorway services.

That's why you can find FlexiGlide sliding shutters at places like Moto's Motorway Service station along the M6 towards Birmingham, as well as Birmingham Airport and Birmingham international train station.

The advantages of sliding security shutters

When you compare them to traditional roller shutters, sliding shutters have several advantages that make them more suitable for certain projects. For example:

  • Roller shutters have a maximum width they can span, typically around 7 metres. Sliding shutters don't have this limitation and can be made to more or less any width.
  • A roller shutter operates vertically and needs a box to roll into. Typically these are around 12 inches high (300mm), which can be too bulky for some spaces. A sliding shutter on the other hand operates horizontally and needs only a couple of inches for its top-track to hang onto. So it takes up much less overhead space.
  • Sliding shutters fold away to the side. Very often a box with a door is built that the shutter stack get stored in. Usually the shutter storage is incorporated in an element of the interior like a partition wall or shelves.
  • A roller shutter is relatively heavy and usually requires an electric motor to operate. Sliding shutters on the other hand work manually and so don't need electricity.
  • When a FlexiGlide shutter is opened and stacked away there's nothing to see apart from its top-rail (and even that can be hidden behind a rebate if desired).

For more information also see the benefits of sliding folding security shutters.

Sliding shutters at Birmingham's airport

We've installed sliding shutters at many airports worldwide and have all the qualifications to work airside. Sliding shutters are ideal for airport restaurants and shops, because these areas are often open-plan with wide, curved openings that need securing when not in use.

An extra wide sliding folding security shutter
FlexiGlide shutters can span any width, so they are the perfect solution for extra wide openings that need to be secured.

Photos FlexiGlide sliding, folding security shutters in and around Birmingham

The pictures below show a selection of sliding shutter work we've carried out in and around Birmingham. We've worked at the railway station, Birmingham airport and the Moto Services in Rugby along the M6.

sliding security shutter seen from inside a shop, just after installation vision air sliding shutter Vision air sliding shutter vision guard sliding shutter

Why work with FlexiGlide for sliding shutters in Birmingham?

FlexiGlide shutters are used on many projects. We work both nationally and abroad and cover all the UK's major cities including London, Birmingham , Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Why choose FlexiGlide?

  • High quality sliding folding shutters
  • Many design options - see the FlexiGlide sliding folding shutter product range for more info
  • Over 30 years experience
  • Supply and installation in all the UK's major cities, including Birmingham
  • Health and Safety conscious - also see our company profile
  • Qualified to work airside
  • Free CAD drawings
  • We take on any project, big or smalls

Every sliding folding shutter is custom-made to your exact specifications and fitted by one of our teams of experienced installation engineers

Roadmap showing Birmingham in relation to London
Birmingham in the Midlands is the UK's second largest ciry after London

More information

Many of Birmingham's building projects are at the leading edge of Britisch architecture. And sometimes these projects need a creative solution for security shutters. That's where FlexiGlide can come in.

So do you have a project in Birmingham that might need sliding security shutters? Contact us to talk to an expert and find out how we can help you. We can meet with you on site or work from design drawings.

Birmingham's library building with its eye-cacthing architecture
The architecture of Birmingham's library has won various international awards since it opened in 2013.

Photo credits

Birmingham Library by Ethan Thompson. FlexiGlide sliding folding shutter photos © HVP Security Shutters Ltd.

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