Edinburgh Sliding Folding Security Shutters

Edinburgh is Scotland's capital and the second largest city in Scotland after Glasgow. We are often in Edinburgh to install one of our sliding and folding security shutters.

The city was added to UNESCO's list of World Heritage sites because of its exceptional historic and architectural interest. With over 900 listed buildings (only London has more), Edinburgh has a very rich history.

View across Edinburgh new town with old and new buildings
A view from Scott monument across Edinburgh's New Town. We see St George's West Church on the left and Melville Monument on the right. The mix of neo-classical and modern buildings makes Edinburgh a fascinating place to work.

Sliding shutters in Scotland's capital

We have fitted sliding shutters in many different places, and know from experience it is a very versatile security shutter system. When working in Scotland's capital, with all its diversity of architecture, this is a big advantage.

Advantages of FlexiGlide shutters

FlexiGlide sliding shutters have several features that make them stand out from traditional roller shutters. Here are a few:

  • Works without a motor - Our sliding shutters are manual security systems that don't need a motor and electricity to operate. This makes them easier, safer and quicker to install than rolling shutters.
  • Needs very little headroom - A few centimetres is enough, so FlexiGlide shutters fit in places where normal roller shutters don't.
  • Spans unlimited widths - These shutters slide and fold, without the need for intermediate posts, pillars or columns. So the opening can stay completely clear.
  • A style for every situation - There are six different types of sliding shutters available, from very open to completely closed.
  • Lightweight, but strong - So you can use our sliding shutters on structures with limited support.
  • Follows curves - With a FlexiGlide shutter you can secure a curved opening in a beautiful, non-intrusive way.
Sliding folsing shutter installation in progress
This sliding shutter installation in progress shows how the curtain hangs from a bottom rail and locks into the floor with bolts. The whole shutter can fold up when not in use and then slides away into a pocket in the hollow wall at the far end. With the shutter open, the whole opening is completely clear (tap the image for a bigger version).

Top-rated sliding folding shutters for Edinburgh

We believe that FlexiGlide is a superior sliding folding shutter system. For this reason we think it's a good option to consider for any project in Edinburgh that needs security shutters.

Why these sliding shutters stand out

Among other things, our sliding shutters have a strong, rounded top track that looks great. We use heavy-duty locking knobs made from aluminium (not plastic). Our sliding shutters glide smoothly because they have high quality rollers. The shutters lock into polished stainless steel floor sockets. And we use high strength steel hangers as well as stronger locking units. So all in all, these sliding shutters are built to last a long time.

For more information, also read why we FlexiGlide shutters often get recommended.

Shops in Victoria Street in Edinburgh
Victoria Street in Edinburgh's Old Town was designed by architect Thomas Hamilton. It's perhaps one the most photographed locations in the city. Its cobblestones, gentle curve and colourful shopfronts make it one of Edinburgh's prettiest streets.

Choosing the right sliding shutter

We'll help you choose the right sliding shutter for your project. Get in touch with us for shutter details in CAD format, specification text, samples, photographs, weight calculations and project drawings. If you want, we'll meet you on site to discuss all aspects of your sliding folding shutter installation so that you can be confident everything will work well.

Photos FlexiGlide sliding, folding security shutters in and around Edinburgh

The pictures below show a selection of sliding shutter work we've carried out in and around Edinburgh. We work in a wide variety of buildings, including medical centres, railway stations, airports, schools and universities.

sliding security shutter on reception counter see through sliding shutter on counter with wheelchair access installation in progress of security shutter curved aluminium sliding shutter under blue light security sliding shutter at opening to station entrance bi-parting sliding shutter with high and low sections at reception counter

Why work with FlexiGlide?

FlexiGlide shutters are used on many projects. We work both nationally and abroad and cover all the UK's major cities including Edinburgh .

A sliding folding security shutter installation with angled corners
We can supply sliding shutters in may different configurations, colours and designs. FlexiGlide shutters work well for most openings, regardless of width.

Why choose FlexiGlide?

  • Top rated sliding folding shutters
  • Many design options - see the FlexiGlide sliding folding shutter product range for more info
  • Over 30 years of experience with security shutters
  • Supply and installation in all the UK's major cities, including Edinburgh
  • Health and Safety conscious - also see our company profile
  • Help during the design process
  • Free CAD drawings
  • We take on any project, big or smalls

Every sliding folding shutter is custom-made to your exact specifications and fitted by one of our teams of experienced installation engineers

More information

If you're working on a project in Edinburgh that needs sliding security shutters, please contact us. We'll be happy to talk through your project and give you a free, no obligation quotation for your budget.

The golden light of the setting sun illuminates Edinburgh's city centre with the Balmoral Hotel in the foreground

Photo credits

Victoria Street in Edinburgh by Madeleine Kohler. Sunset in Edinburgh by Bayo Adegunloye. Views of Edinburgh from the Scott Monument by Lauren MacNeish. FlexiGlide sliding folding shutter photos © HVP Security Shutters Ltd.

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