London Sliding Folding Security Shutters

If you have a building project in London and need a security shutter installed, but a traditional roller shutter won't work, have a look at FlexiGlide sliding shutters. These security shutters can span any width, follow curves and fold away completely when not in use.

FlexiGlide sliding shutters are extremely versatile and can be stacked away to the side or into a custom built box. With such a setup you wouldn't even know a security shutter was there when it's open; there's nothing to be seen apart from a top-track, which sits above eye-level and is only 48mm high anyway.

A FlexiGlide sliding folding shutter closed in front of a bar at the O2 in London The same sliding shutter as above opened
We fitted this sliding, folding shutter at the O2 Arena in Greenwich. Move over the image to see the shutter opened.

The UK's leading sliding shutter supplier for London

We are the UK's leading supplier and installer of sliding, folding security shutters and have worked on various prestigious projects in London (for example the O2 Arena).

Expert advice for your project

If you think a sliding shutter would be the right choice for your project, we'd welcome the opportunity to work with you. Contact us for advice and a free quote.

We're always happy to discuss the pros and cons of any type of security shutter you are thinking about installing or specifying. Next to sliding shutters we also supply and install a full range of traditional roller shutters. Please feel free to reach out, even (or especially) if your project is in its early stages.

30+ Years of experience

As a company we have 30+ years of experience in the industry and we're happy to share our knowledge with you. We can also help you with technical details and CAD drawings should you require them.

Site visit in London

We're in London all the time and we're always happy to meet up with you on site to talk through your project. Contact us for a free, no obligation site visit.

Panoramic aerial view of London's city centre at dawn
An early morning view of London city, taken from the top of the Shard skyscraper in Southwark. We see four important bridges over this section of the River Thames. From front to back: the London Bridge, Southwark Bridge, the Milennium Bridge, and Blackfriars Railway Bridge. These bridges connect some of the northern and southern parts of the city.

The advantages of sliding security shutters

Compared to traditional roller shutters there are several advantages to FlexiGlide sliding folding security shutters. These are a sliding shutter's main advantages compared to a roller shutter:

  • A sliding shutter can be made to any width, whereas roller shutters are typically limited to around 7 metres maximum.
  • Sliding shutters require minimal headroom. The top-track is only a couple of inches high (48mm to be precise) and can be fitted into a rebated piece of timber if desired.
  • Sliding shutters fold away horizontally, so again they don't need space above them to roll into. Instead they go to the side where they typically get stored in a custom built box.
  • Sliding shutters work manually; without a motor. So they don't need electricity to operate.
  • FlexiGlide sliding shutters work without the need for a bottom track. So there is nothing on the floor for people to trip over.

For more information also see the benefits of sliding folding security shutters.

Sliding shutters at London's airports

We've installed sliding shutters at many airports worldwide and have all the qualifications to work airside. Sliding shutters are ideal for airport restaurants and shops, because these areas are often open-plan with wide, curved openings that need securing when not in use.

Inside view of Heathrow Airport terminal building
We're licensed to work airside behind airport security, so we can also carry out projects at London's airports like Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton.

Photos FlexiGlide sliding, folding security shutters in London

The pictures below show a selection of sliding shutter work we've carried out in London.

FlexiGlide gliding shutter Vision Air sliding shutter installation detail of a protector sliding shutter Vision Glass bi-parting FlexiGlide sliding security shutter just after installation sliding security shutter following a shallow curve in a brick wall a very long sliding shutter in a curved brick wall sliding shutter sliding shutter with fine lines at a food servery a white solid curtain sliding shutter

Closing thoughts

As a designer, builder, shopfitter or architect it can be hard to come up with the right type of security shutter. There are many factors to consider: price, suitability, aesthetics, regulations, practicality. We believe that our sliding folding shutters do well in all those areas. And so we think that a sliding shutter can be the right choice in many situations.

A sliding folding shutter at a curved bar The top track of a curved bar sliding folding shutter
FlexiGlide shutters can follow almost any curve and so they are ideal for curved openings that need securing. Move over the image to see the shutter's top-track.

Security and building projects in London

London is a modern city with a rich history. This means that any building project there has to tick many boxes. Security is often not the first one, but almost always comes up at some point. We know from experience this can sometimes present additional challenges. At the same time, there are always solutions and FlexiGlide could be one of those solutions for you.

A map of London with the River Thames meandering through the city's centre. The Thames could be a metaphor for FlexiGlide shutters. Because, like the river finding its way through London, so too our sliding folding security shutters can follow any curve and adapt to fit almost anywhere.

More information

If you're considering sliding shutters for a project in London and would like to know more, please get in touch. We're always happy to meet on site or work from design drawings. Contact us to talk to an expert and find out how we can help you.

View across the River Thames towards the Big ben clocktower and Westminster Palace

Photo credits

Early morning light over London by Jaanus Jagom├Ągi. Inside Heathrow Airport by Belinda Fewings. View over the River Thames towards Westminster and Big Ben by Yaopey Yong. FlexiGlide sliding folding shutter photos © HVP Security Shutters Ltd.

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